June 6: Finds of the Day

My picks for today come from my favorite store: Forever 21! The first item is an amazing black and gold makeup bag, the second item are green tea makeup remover wipes, and the third item is a set of cross stud earrings in various colors! Forever 21 is awesome for accessories and beauty basics because they are cheap, stylish, and good quality. Also, when you save so much money on these basics, it leaves more room in your wallet for splurging on other things! However, just as a disclaimer, it is very easy to spend a ton of money at Forever 21 because there are so many cute things and they a ton of cheap things add up quickly!

Black and gold is probably my favorite color combination at the moment. I also love geometric shapes: triangles are my favorite! 

I swear by these green tea extract makeup remover wipes! They are so soothing, they are cheap, and they work really well. They leave your face feeling nice and fresh after you take all your makeup off at the end of the day!

I love these. The end.


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