My Bucket List.

The ongoing list of things that I dream about doing but will probably never do (in my right mind). Some of these things aren’t that crazy, some of them are. Let’s see how many I’ll actually complete.

Get my driver’s license.
Run a 10k.
Jump into a pool fully clothed.
Kiss in the rain.
Learn to sew.
Go hiking.
Go skydiving.
Run a marathon.
Backpack across Europe.
Be on a game show.
Go ziplining.
Sing on Times Square.
Kiss a complete stranger on New Year’s.
High-five the President.
Swim with dolphins.
Eat an entire box of chocolates by myself…in one sitting.
Move to another country.
Visit all 50 states.
Do stand-up comedy.
Run for public office.
Become a bodybuilder/personal trainer.
Learn how to ride a bike.
Learn how to wakeboard.
Learn to fish.
Go hunting.
Ride a horse.
Learn to ski.
Learn to speak Afrikaans, Swahili, Xhosa, and French.
Go salsa dancing.
Sing karaoke at a bar.
Release an album.
Travel to every continent.
Go rock climbing.
Ride a mechanical bull.
Ride on a roller coaster. And like it.
Visit the Grand Canyon.
See the Eiffel Tower.
Make a family tree.
Start a garden.
Learn how to make pottery.
Do a backflip.
Stop procrastinating.
Get a PhD.
Invest in the stock market.
Own a beach house.
Get married.
Start a family.
Read the entire Bible.
Donate blood.
Pay off my student loans, haha.
Open up a restaurant.
Design my own clothes.
Write and publish a novel.
Attend a music festival.
Volunteer in a third world country.
Intern/work at the White House.
Go to the Kentucky Derby.
Go to the Olympics.
Go to the World Cup.
Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
Host a dinner party.
Streak The Lawn at UVA.
Go camping.
Visit New York City.
Move to Atlanta.
See a volcano.
Buy a house.

…and the list goes on.

One thought on “My Bucket List.

  1. I sure like some of these things on your Bucket List, I cant wait to do some of these things with you one day if it means spending time and having fun with you. I love you Amber and hope you enjoyed yourself on your birthday because if you could not tell I sure had fun haha.

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