June 4: Find of the Day

Happy June 4! Sorry the day ends in less than a half hour (I just got home from work not too long ago). But at least I made it before midnight to do today’s ‘Find of the Day’ post! I’m really into unique earrings right now, so it seems only natural that today’s pick would be a pair of earrings. My pick for today is from Store Envy. If you click the image, it will take you to the purchase page!

For those of you who don’t know, Store Envy is a really cool online store that features items from sellers all around the world. While a lot of the items are handmade, a lot of them are commercial. Nevertheless, there are thousands of unique items for purchase. You should check it out!

New Feature: Finds of the Day

Hey y’all! Today I decided to start a new feature on my blog, Finds of the Day. Each day I will try to find a couple of items for sale online that I find to be wonderful. My picks for today are from Etsy and Urban Outfitters. If you click the images, it will take you to the purchase page for each item.

Vintage aztec crop top by naughtymess on Etsy
I found this really cool top on Etsy today, one of my favorite online markets. The seller is naughtymess from Canada. I love the color of this top, the design, everything. The only downside to things on Etsy are that there is usually only one of the item for purchase. However, at the same time, this is a good thing because the item is one of a kind. (:

Understand Rap by William Buckholtz
You’ll be so boss once you can finally decode rappers’ lyrics by using this book. I found this book online at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters has a ton of stuff for quirky, hip people. This is hilarious and would make a great gift for yourself, for your parent, or for a friend with a great sense of humor.

Oh, for the love of red velvet cupcakes!

So today was my birthday, as I mentioned a day or two ago, and it was fabulous. It was well spent with family and friends. My wonderful boyfriend drove down to see me and we went to church this morning and heard a wonderful sermon. Then we went to lunch at Qdoba and ate some good food and had a great time, as usual. Then we came home and some friends came over and we cooked on the grill. So much good food. After today I realized that I am so blessed to be surrounded by tons of people who love and care about me. And I learned more about my love for red velvet cupcakes.

Happy June!

Yay! It’s finally June, the best month of the year! June is a time for picnics, summer concerts, watermelon, and shorts. And I love it! So it’s June 1st, and tomorrow is my birthday. I’m really excited for this birthday because my boyfriend is coming to town for a visit and I get a day off from work to spend some time with my family. I’m gettin’ older, and it’s a pretty good feeling at this moment in time. So cheers to June and to birthdays and good times!Image

A picture of me at a Dave Matthews Band concert last June. Fantastic time!

3 Tips for Fresh Clean Locs

My favorite videoblogger, chescalocs, has a video out about to maintain dreadlock cleanliness during and after a workout. Even if you don’t have locs, these tips are still really good if you are interested in keeping as much sweat and odor out of your hair as possible.